What is UV / UVC?

Antibacterial | Antivirus | Antifungal | Anti-mold
Understanding How UV / UV-C Works

UV/UV-C Directly Affects the DNA of Harmful Viruses.

What is UV light?

The 254Nm wavelength has the strongest germicidal effect on DNA

How does a Virus invade the body?

When it comes into contact with a host cell, a Virus can insert its genetic material into its host, literally taking over the host’s functions. An infected cell produces more viral protein and genetic material instead of its usual products.

Reference: ucmp.Berkeley.edu

UV-C can reduce or eliminate

-Fungi (molds / yeast)

UV-C Radiation inactivates or damages the DNA/RNA of micro-organisms so that they can no longer replicate or cause harm.

Example of UV - C dosage required to deactivate 99 % of Viruses and Bacteria

An additional layer of protection

This should be implemented as part of
a multilayer disinfection protocol

• UV light can only disinfect what it can see
• A combination of air and surface UVC disinfection products maximizes the deactivation rate in a space
• UVC light does not replace thorough cleaning but it will deactivate what it reaches

System Design and Control

After installation:
• Check the proper working and dosage with a dosimeter
• These are paper strips with a special ink that changes colour with UV-C light
• There is a reference chart to check the dosages given
• These can be used for final testing of the installation
• If results are not as expected, adjustments can be made to adjust the dose (ie: time, quantity or placement )

UVC Caution and Safety

Humans and Animals must never be in the same room as UVC emitting product when it is in operation.

Safety and quality are important to us, which is why our UVC products are fitted with:
• Motion Detection
• Audible alarm
• Visual Alarm
• Remote Control
• Delayed start


Be Aware!


Germicidal Compact Fluorescent lamps (low pressure) 253,7 Nm  –> 85% of the maximum germicidal effect.

Special glass (sodium – barium ) to eliminate the creation of ozone that is harmful to humans.

UVC Philips bulb has 9000 hours of lifespan (one-year usage, 24/7)

Out of 20 UV products bought online by one of our suppliers, none of them had the right germicidal frequencies to be effective. They were all novelty products.


  • SURFACE Purification
  • Food processing
  • Packaging
  • Cleaning
  • Conveyor belts
  • Bank notes
  • AIR Purification
  • Space/ upper air

  • Forced air / air conditioning
  • Cooling coils
  • Dish Dryer
  • LIQUID purification
  • Drinking water
  • Waste Water
  • Ultra-pure water
  • Swimming pools
  • Fish ponds
  • Aquaria
  • Agricultural recycling

Possible Applications

  • Waiting rooms and exam rooms at dental and medical practices
  • Supermarkets, Food, and Retail shops
  • Offices and meeting rooms, mailrooms
  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Hotels , Restaurants, and Bars
  • Special disinfection rooms for disinfecting clothes, masks or protection gear
  • Schools and Universities
  • Health clubs and Personal care businesses (hairdressers, wellness and beauty salons)
  • Airports, Public buildings, Elevators, Washrooms
  • Hospitals and retirement homes
  • Cinemas and recreational businesses (go-karting, bowling centers, arcades)

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