“How Much Is Wedding Lighting?”


“How much is your wedding lighting package?” This is a question Orange Frog Productions gets often, but the answer varies. Each wedding is unique, so Orange Frog ensures each lighting package is unique as well. The answer to “how much” is highly dependent on the venue, location, budget, and type of wedding.


“If you go to a home builder and say, ‘I want a home. How much?’ you are not going to get a straight answer,” says Pierre Marleau, CEO of Orange Frog Productions. “The builder is going to want to know your desired neighbourhood, the finishes you want, the type of foundation, and your budget. However, if you said to the builder, ‘I have $350K, what does that get me?’ they can make suggestions within your budget.”


He knows budget is a top concern when wedding planning.


“The wedding industry can feel like everyone has their hand in your pocket,” he commiserates. “We understand that, so our first priority is to develop your trust.”



Why Trust is Vital to Your Wedding Lighting Package


“Weddings,” Marleau explains, “are all about memories. The day, however, is very overwhelming. From the rush of getting dressed up to the emotional ceremony, an hour or more of photos then the reception, sometimes the only thing you have to look back on to remember the day is photos and videos. People will spend a lot of money on a photographer to capture each special moment – the first dance, the father/daughter dance, the exchange of vows, the cutting of the cake – but without proper lighting, the photos and videos do not turn out well. Few people realize how closely we work with photographers and videographers to ensure that the memories are captured so you can relive them time and time again.”


Wedding venue


Here is where the trust comes in. Orange Frog Productions is not going to just give you a number and then show up with standard lighting. The team wants to know what matters to you as a couple. Perhaps a parent is ailing and this will be the final time everyone celebrates as a family. Maybe the cake was made lovingly by a friend and is truly one-of-a-kind. Perhaps the groom has a special surprise for the bride at the reception. These are moments can be lost if they are not properly lit and captured.


“I paint with light and the photographer captures the painting,” Marleau explains; and for him, it’s very personal.


Marleau’s wedding took place in a 17th century wine cave. While the setting was historic and beautiful, it did not come with natural light. He overlooked the importance of properly lighting the venue, and that resulted in dark photos that failed to capture the beauty of the venue and the important moments that took place within it. On a much sadder note, now that his mother has passed, Marleau wishes the photos of their dance at the wedding, and photos of her enjoying the ceremony, were of better quality.


Is it a Value Add if it Doesn’t Add Value?


Couples need to make their wedding budget stretch, but be careful of those value-added services when it comes to wedding lighting.


Marleau explains, “Let’s say the couple hires a DJ and that DJ offers a lighting package for $500. That’s a great deal – for the DJ! They are just adding some gear. You get lighting but you get a very standard service.”


He points out very firmly that he is not disparaging his peers in the wedding industry and he absolutely understands that the dollars must make sense; but, he urges caution so that expectations match reality when it comes to wedding lighting.


“You buy a lot for your wedding. You buy flowers and they die. You buy food and it’s gone. Photos? They can last forever, and great lighting is the key. Lighting changes everything!


“For example, we project a lot to texture on the tables and walls. We can transform a ballroom so you feel more like you are outdoors. We crate depth of field with high and low lights for your photographer. It’s about going from moment to moment and lighting each moment properly.”


Quality Wedding Lighting Gear Matters

Orange Frog Productions invests in top-of-the-line gear so your events do not suffer from technical issues.


“You can see the difference in lighting quality in photos,” Marleau points out. “Substandard LED lights will flicker on camera or cause the photo to look curved. The light spectrum is also very important. I blue light on a wall can turn white when photographed.”


He continues, “Saturated colour is a huge wedding trend right now. We use very high quality LED lights so we can give you off white and blush with hits of purple, lilac and pastes that can really brighten a room without being garish and over the top – but we can also do over the top if you want!”


Wedding Venue


The Ballpark Figure for Wedding Lighting

The best way to arrive at a quote for wedding lighting is to meet with Orange Frog Productions and have a conversation about the moments that matter the most to you. With their vast knowledge and experience, Orange Frog Productions will create an experience enriches your day and allows the photographer and videographer to immortalize the memories you deserve.

“The costs really are variable,” Marleau concludes. “As a ballpark figure based on a 10,000 square foot room, you can estimate $0.75 – $1.75 per square foot for a full, textured lighting package. That will give you stunning lighting. However you can scale that back by choosing to light only certain moments. No matter what you decide, we will ensure that those moment look stunning from every angle.”