JEM Glaciator X-Stream

The JEM™ Glaciator X-Stream creates a total ground fog effect from a self-contained unit (no C02 or dry ice required). It requires only a power source and the simple but effective JEM™ heavy fog fluids available in three densities for differing low-fog effects


  • Actors’ Equity/Broadway League Approved
  • Self-contained unit: no C02 or dry ice
  • Warm up: 15-45 minutes, longer cooling period yields colder fog
  • 5L Bottle/Tank
  • Fluid consumption (max): 110 ml minute
  • Coverage volume: 80 m3 (2825 ft3) minute
  • L21-30 In
  • XLR 3pin In and Out
  • Default mode: 2ch
  • Power: 4200w @ 208v
  • Dimensions: 34” x 25.1” x 29.3” (l x h x d)
  • Weight: 115kg / 253.5 lbs