It’s the moment you have been waiting for. The best caterer in the city has been booked. The decorations are going to have Instagram enthusiasts snapping pictures. Your DJ is ready to go. And the venue? Well, you booked that nearly a year in advance. You have planned the event of the year!


Or have you?


In these heady days of flower walls, donut towers, viral hashtags, and anything-goes venues, how do you get your wedding, product launch, concert, charity gala, or other event to really stand out? The best way is to tap into people’s emotions by using custom lighting.


By offering customized event lighting in Calgary, we use lighting solutions to play into emotions because your guests will remember how they felt long after they forget what they ate and saw on your big day.


We’d like to share how you can elevate your event to extraordinary heights by using lighting to reach your guests’ emotional core.


Lighting can tell a Story
Have you seen the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) in Manitoba? It is very difficult not to become emotional when viewing the displays, and that’s not just because of the outstanding collections and moving personal stories. The entire museum’s architectural structure is designed to take the guest on a journey from darkness to light – very literally.

Make Your Event Stand Out with Lighting

Photo Credit: Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The tour starts in the lower level where thick walls obscure the light. By design, each level of the museum lets in more natural light, and a peek upwards through the ramp system gives the guest a feeling of hope, thanks to the beams of light that filter downwards. Finally, at the top, the guest is surrounded by natural light on all sides, having passed through the darkest parts of Earth’s history and entering a level of renewal.


The CMHR uses light to tell a powerful story and to evoke real emotions; light is used to dramatically change how the guest experiences the museum.


Here at Orange Frog Productions, we have seen the powerful effect lighting has on people’s emotions, and we use it to help you tell your story. We can take your guests on whatever kind of journey you want them to have: one of thoughtful reflection, one of unbridled joy, one of peace, one that stirs them to take action – tell us the theme and we will make it come to life with our artistic, custom lighting solutions.


You can use event lighting in Calgary for your theatre production, art installation, or even to highlight a single painting or sculpture. We have lit up rooms, massive stage productions, single items, crowds, individuals, monuments, and moments using our expertise to draw out the emotions needed to make a lasting impact.


Customized Lighting Makes Your Party Pop and Your Fundraiser Successful

Mood lighting doesn’t have to be somber! Your next charity gala can go from the “the usual shindig” to “breaking the Internet” when you add custom lighting. Really, is there an venue where it’s not appropriate to have a laser show? Wouldn’t you love your cause to be in the literal spotlight? We can light up the dance floor, wash your venue in a moving cascade of colour, and put on a light show to rival Pink Floyd. The emotion you want at your fundraiser is excitement, and lighting can bring that emotion to the forefront in the colours and style that match your theme.


Make Your Event Stand Out

Our custom event lighting in Calgary can be used to ramp up the excitement of a fundraiser, and it’s great for party’s too! Whether it’s a wine and appetizer event in a formal setting, an auction with items donated from local businesses, an extravagant gala, or a company Christmas party, our lighting solutions add the pulse you need to inspire your guests to donate to the cause and just have an all-around great time.


15 Minutes of Fame? Wouldn’t You Rather be Unforgettable?

Venues are not the only places where we tie emotions and events together through our custom lighting artistry. Televised and Internet events (fundraising concerts, interviews, product demonstrations, YouTube, Facebook Live) are much more impactful when the lighting is on point.


To be taken seriously online or on television, you must pay attention to the production value. You can look great and have a wonderful message to share, but all is lost if you are in the shadows or your product does not translate well on the screen. Our event lighting takes your on-screen presence in Calgary and really maximizes it for widespread success. Not only do we properly light the scene to show you, your product, or your message in the best light, we add our signature touch to, once again, tap into the emotional centre of your viewers.


For example, are planning a conference? You know videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are a must. Rely on our lighting solutions to make your speaker’s and event promo video look professional and draw in a crowd. Stage talent will thank you and your guests will be captivated. No matter what you promote online or on television, custom lighting is what will differentiae you and make you stand out.


How to Make Your Event Stand Out

Your event is personal to you and that makes it personal to us. Our event lighting in Calgary is what makes your event stand out because we understand why lighting is used (and not just how). Events come and go – feelings are ingrained. To make your next event stand out, think about how you want your guests or viewers to feel, then call Orange Frog Productions to make it happen.