Orange Frog Productions is committed to our clients having the most memorable events, and we are pleased custom lighting is a part of that. We also know that a spectacular event doesn’t just happen by chance! It takes months of planning, organizing and budgeting to host the events that leave a lasting impression.


To help event planners, we have compiled a budget guide for custom lighting.


What Do Our Custom Lighting Packages Include?

Your event’s custom lighting is a combination of creative design, technology, equipment, and enough staff during the show to ensure the lighting features run smoothly.

The cost of your event lighting package will include:KISS show custom event lighting


  • Design: The creative process that makes your lighting package unique to your event
  • Trucking: Safely transporting the equipment and staff to the venue
  • Rigging and Light Fixtures: Structural equipment installed to safely and securely hold and manipulate the lights
  • Install/Dismantle Crew: Technicians that expertly install and dismantle the rigging and light fixtures
  • Creative On-Site Designer: Ensures the lighting goes according to plan and makes necessary changes on site if required
  • Moving Lights Programmer: Ensures the moving lights and light shows go according to plan and can make quick changes on site if necessary
  • Additional Staff: Extra technicians, crew, installers or programmers as needed, based on the type of event, size of the venue, and complexity of the lighting package


How to Estimate Your Custom Lighting Costs

The components listed above are typically what you need to light the walls, band, and head table.


$.90-$1.10 per square foot


Estimate $.90-$1.10 per square foot for a basic custom lighting package. This is usually enough to cover the typical elements, bring texture to the room, and provide enough lighting/atmosphere with the house lights off.


35-40 per cent of decor


Another way to budget for lighting is to look at the décor budget and plan to spend about 35-40 per cent of that amount on lighting.


The Extras

The formula above does not include lifts, venue power, venue charges, venue remote control, fabric, chandeliers, or other specific customizations.

custom lighting


The Best Way to Know How Much Event Lighting Costs is to Consult with Us

There are many different factors in custom lighting. Your event may be entirely reliant on your lighting package (light shows, for example), or you may be showcasing a band that has their own specific lighting requirements on top of your event lighting plan.


The estimates are a good place to start, but a consultation with us will give you an exact dollar figure to budget.


Custom Lighting is Worth It

Our value-added service includes $5 million of insurance. We are also Alberta Association for Safety Partnership (AASP) members because we prioritize the safety of you and your guests.


Custom lighting completes events. Décor without lighting is like putting on a great visual party but giving all the guests blindfolds! Lighting enhances your décor, sets the mood, and is worth every penny.


We have the equipment, experience, creative team, technology, and established processes to give you the custom lighting you and your event deserve.


Contact us for quote or to learn more.