At Orange Frog Productions, our sole focus is your event. With our mastery of lighting, production and room design, and our experience in everything from festivals to galas, and film screenings to corporate celebrations, you know we have what it takes to light up a room! From our headquarters in Calgary we proudly engage with international clients such as Wynn® Las Vegas, Jaguar, Cirque Du Soleil®, and many more.


Our memorable venue lighting has complemented events across North America, and now it’s time for your celebration to be in the spotlight. Here’s how event lighting can complement your venue and décor, and why this is so important for every occasion and venue.


That’s so Pinteresting…

memorable event lighting

According to World Economic Forum (, Facebook remains the worlds most active social sharing site. Not too far away is Instagram with 600 million monthly users. Let’s not forget Reddit, whose 330 million active users love to post their opinions. And Pinterest? It is the third most popular social sharing site in America. It is extremely popular among millennials, its second largest demographic is 30-49 year olds, and it boasts a whopping 250 million active users each month.


What do all these social sites have in common? People post pictures on them. With the average number of photos taken annually worldwide well past the billion mark, every single day the internet is flooded with unique photos.


People will take photos at your event. It’s a given; as you walk up the aisle, as you unveil your masterpiece, as you sign your book, as you celebrate with your co-workers or friends and family, as you give your speech, or as you dazzle on stage. No matter the event, smartphones are snapping away, and photos are hitting the internet long before the occasion ends.


With billions of photos going online, you need to make sure the ones showcasing your event stand out, and you must ensure you or your product are shown in the best light, literally. Orange Frog Productions takes this into account when we create strategic and memorable venue lighting that complements your venue and décor.


Knowing that you, your product, and/or the people you care about can be seconds away from going viral, we use a masterful lighting plan that works with the venue, theme, and décor. Be it an old historic church or a sweeping conference hall, our custom, memorable event lighting expertly accounts for the space as well as the knowledge that your celebration will be posted and shared on social media.



Custom Lighting for Special Venues

memorable event lighting

Some of the most popular venues in Canada are the historic Graydon Hall Manor in Ontario, the forest surrounded Elk Ridge Resort and Spa in Saskatchewan, and the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver.


People are drawn to venues like this because they offer historical significance and an abundance of natural charm. In venues like this, where the décor is the stonework, the gardens, the flowers, or the forest, we bring in lighting that perfectly complements the venue’s natural charm. After all, you chose this type of venue for a reason. When you opt for a place of significance over a hotel ballroom, you want the venue itself to be a large part of the celebration.


Orange Frog Productions has years of experience in carefully lighting up venues with distinct features, where the architecture, décor, and location are part of the main event. Our equipment never obscures the details and our lighting highlights what makes the location attractive.



Highlighting Décor

memorable event lighting

We did mention the standard hotel ballroom, and there is nothing wrong with those. When events take place in ballrooms or conference centres, the event planners can really customize the décor. In fact, these venues are specifically designed as blank canvases so the décor can be exactly what the planner (or bride) has envisioned.


Orange Frog Productions’ expertise in production and room design enables us to be a one-stop hire for transforming a conference venue, or the perfect complementing team to make that special décor really shine.


Creativity knows no bounds! Today’s venues are decorated in everything from exciting acrobats flying about the guests on trapeze apparatuses, hundreds of candles to create a mood of suspense or romance, one-of-a kind artwork, and so much more. It is imperative that that the hard work and attention to detail on the décor and entertainment be properly showcased, and for that you need memorable event lighting that complements the venue and everything it holds.


Note: Where historic art that is sensitive to UV light is in the room, you need lighting experts that can handle the situation. Where candles are creating a path or are the sole source of light in the venue, you need lighting that safely guides guests to the exits without destroying the mood of the room. When it’s a party full of balloons, streamers, confetti, live animals and performers, you need lighting that does not present hazards (no exposed cords, no harsh lights in a performer’s eyes, no sudden lighting bursts that spooks animals).


Why Orange Frog Productions is Your Choice for Memorable Venue Lighting that Complements Your Décor

memorable event lighting

Photo Credit: PhotoPhilCro & Orange Frog Productions Gallery

Orange Frog Productions lights up events at historical locations, outdoors, in large roomy halls, in small and intimate venues, during the day, during the night, and for every occasion imaginable. We take into account who and what is in the room and we know that your event will be shared on social media. We know that the mood creates the emotion that makes your event a lasting memory. With all this in mind, we put the spotlight where it firmly belongs: on your special event.


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