With the economy opening up and people able to gather in larger groups, there are still concerns. The best way to reduce the spread of the pandemic until we have a vaccine is to be very mindful of gatherings, keep them to the size recommended by health officials, and – of course – ask guests at risk (sick, coughing, recently traveled, exposed to someone with COVID-19) to stay at home. With that in mind, we recognize that the need to gather and be social is pressing. Humans were not designed for isolation, and events such as a wedding are important to honour. Today we will discuss some ways to add the magic you desire to your socially distant wedding in Calgary.

1. Create a mood with lighting

Thanks to COVID-19, backyard weddings are ramping up in popularity. While one may miss the grandeur of a cathedral or the décor of a popular event hall, backyard weddings can be incredibly beautiful! Not only do you have the great outdoors, which is nature’s original canvas, as day transitions to night you have the opportunity to…well… shine! Strategically placed wedding string lights are lit during the day and gently add soft light as the sunsets. Lighting them early creates a seamless transition. Before you know it, the backyard is transformed into a romantic setting with a new softness that envelops the couple and their and their guests.

2. Choose incandescent wedding string lights

The impact string lights make is incredible – but only if you use incandescent lights. LEDs throw a harsher glow than incandescent, and while you can purchase soft glow LED wedding string lights, you still need to contend with the fact that they flicker. It is difficult to see the flicker of LEDs with the naked eye – where you really notice it is in the photos and video. The way LEDs work is completely different from incandescent lighting. To avoid the shadows and dullness in your videos and photos that the strobe effect causes, choose incandescent wedding string lights.

3. Emergency lighting

You don’t have to worry about well-lit exit and washroom signs in a church or rented hall, but you do need to consider this in a socially distant outdoor wedding. Naturally, you do not want harsh lights interrupting the mood you set with wedding string lights, so consider softer alternatives like solar lamps marking pathways, or grass-level lit markers (like what you would see on an airplane) that direct guests to where they need to go.

Orange Frog is Here for Your Socially Distant Wedding

Events of all kinds are our passion! We love to light up the most special moments of people’s lives. We understand in this time of a global pandemic that the way we gather, and the money spent on celebrations, has changed. Yet, the magic lighting gives doesn’t have to be absent from your socially distant wedding. Speak to us about renting wedding string lights in Calgary and other options for soft, camera-friendly mood and emergency lighting. We are all in this together and we look forward to helping you create the magical wedding you deserve.